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¡¡¡¡Our company always adheres to independent innovation, especially as a key to technological innovation and continuous upguadint of the company's technical strength and scientific and technological content of province Enterprise Technology syserm which mainly includes information research,technological development,design,manufacturing and high-voltage test,and focus on application techmology for teansformer researches of electricity,magnetism,heat mechanics,chenistry,structure etc,We have had theoretic amalyses and aimulated trsts on tramsformer main insulation,lead insulation,and lightning impulse voltage characeteristics of windings,numerical analyses of two-dimensional and three-dimensional electris field;theoretic calculation of leakage magnetic field,stray loss,electromagnetic field,noise mechanism,partial discharge etc.We have apploed the scientific achievements to the whole process of technological developments,manufacture and product tests.Achievements in high voltage and capacity special transformers such as furmace transformers and rectifier transformers have become unique technology and raised reliability of our products.In science and technology The company had been awarded a numver of Science and Technology Achievements,and was awarded Jiangsu High-tech Enterprises and National Key New and High Technology Enterprise.