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Our company¡¯s manufacturing works of 25 sets of 220 kv transformer go well
Pubdate£º2016/4/21 14:59:01 Clicks£º730

     Recently, around 25 sets of 220 kv transformer order manufacturing works, the company attaches great importance, careful deployment, at present, the number of transformers have successfully complete the tank welding, insulation and winding production, order transformers manufacturing work go well.
    According to information, the characteristic of this order for 220 kv transformer is, high voltage, large capacity, concentrating production, short delivery time. In the face of this situation, the company specially convenes production meeting participated by the production, technology, procurement, sales and other department personnel, meeting puts forward the concrete scheme and requirements on how to successfully accomplish the design and manufacturing tasks of 25 units of 220 kv power transformer .
    In order to ensure the successful completion of the production, company employees are required to further enhance the quality consciousness, using high standards of quality to ensure product quality, strengthen production management at the same time, trying to find and solve process loophole, and ensuring the parameters meet the design requirements.
    So far, the company has successfully completed the SFZ11 150000/220-150000/220, SF11-75000/220¡¯s drawings of product design, technology improvement, winding and tank production process, the next step is to manufacture core and final assembly stage.