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Company organizes staff tug-of-war competition
Pubdate£º2015/7/26 14:46:49 Clicks£º611
In order to further promote corporate vitality and enhance employees¡¯ sense of group honor and cohesion, and shape employees¡¯ indomitable spirit, in 24 July afternoon, company held a tug of war competition, total 230 employees from each department and workshops constitute 15 male¡¯s group and 8 female¡¯s group to participate the game.
    In game, despite the hot weather, each member goes all out, concerts effort, struggles, in cheer sound of cheering squad, the players¡¯ morale is high, the game reaches climaxes. Finally, after a fierce battle, the male¡¯s group component workshop team and female¡¯s group insulation workshop team won the championship, the male¡¯s group winding workshop team, the general affairs department team won second place, men united team, assembly workshop team, quality department team, winding workshop team won third place.
    Through this game, it makes the employees obtain the relaxation of body and mind, enhance the physical quality in their spare time, and at the same time, further strengthen the communication and contact between each parts of the company, which shows tianwei wuzhou people the spirit of uplifting, unity cooperation, and toughness.