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Gerry Luksic, the mayor of Wubei City of The Republic of Serbia, and his officers visit our company
Pubdate£º2014/8/29 9:50:59 Clicks£º578

On the morning of Aug 29, The Central Committee of progressive party,deputy secretary general and the mayor of Wubei City, accompanied by the general manager Zhang Dekun of China National Electrical Engineering Yuanfang Limited Company,visit our company. The CEO of our company Qian Peixin and his leader team show them around our company and introduce some basic situation and production to them.

China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Ltd invested 6 billion RMB to build a national industrial park in Serbia, annd our company supply the corresponding transformers to the China National Mahinery Industry Corporation. Through the visit, can enhance the trust between China and Serbia, is beneficial to long-term cooperation,and lay a foundation for building diplomatic relationship between Zhangjiagang and Serbia. In inverse, it also can accelerate the pace of our company to go into the international market.

The following offers also came to China: Dragan. Yanekovych, Serbia's consul general in Shanghai , Slavic ¨CMilanNorwich, the factory director of D ricketts column power plant company, China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Ltd,China National Electrical Engineering Yuanfang Limited Company, and offices from foreign affair office of Zhangjiagang and Bureau of Commerce.

On the afternoon of Aug 28, the vice mayor of Zhangjiagang City, Shao Junming meet Gerry Luksic and other officers in the Guomao Hotel and chat with each other on building a friendly relationship.