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Our company absorbed advanced technology from home and abroad, combined with the international and domestic famous manufacturer¡¯s advanced technology and experienced manufacturing skills for many years, through the optimization of innovative, successfully produced low-noise, low loss, low partial discharge, high withstand short circuit ability series transformer. In according with latest national safety standards GB1094.1-2-1996, GB1094.3-2003, GB1094.5-2008 and the International Electro-technical Commission Standard IEC-76, the main structural features are as follows:
1.Shell-type tank, and a fully folded plate structure, elegant appearance;
2. The core with chamfered joints, non-porous, non-stacked on the iron yoke technology, scientific and rational control of core clamping force, reduce the core losses and electromagnetic noise;
3. Full range location of core and tank, ensure shock resistance during transportation;
4. Advanced and reliable electrical calculation procedures, quantitative analysis of coil positioning the magnetic field distribution, the distribution of oil flow and leakage magnetic field distribution, to ensure adequate electrical strength and low loss, and effective inhibition the partial overheating;
5. The body of transformer adopt multi-coil total assembly, constant drying measures to ensure the coils less rebound and uniform contraction, effectively improving the transformer ability to withstand short circuit;
6. The core and coil internal diameter side adopt strengthen hard paper tube to achieve no gap structure between core and the coil, enhance the strength to withstand short-circuit of coil.

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