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>> 110kV电力变压器

  110kV class high effcient and environment protective power transformer is based upon advanced technologies introduced from abroad and the successful experiences of leading manufacturers bothdomestic and abroad. It conforms entirely with up-to-date National Standard GB1094.1~2-1996GB1094.3-2003GB1094.5-2003 and International Standard IEC76 commended by international electrical engin- eering committee, and are proud of the following outstanding features:
1.Low loss, and significantly energy-saving. The average no-load loss is 35% lower than prescribed by National Standard GB/T 6451-2008.
2.The core laminations are made up from high-quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheets with chamfered joints and without punched holes, and are stacked without the upper yoke sheets in place, so that they are effectively improved no-load upper together with lower frame.
3.Zigzag directed flow of oil are provided within the windings, so that all parts of the windings can be cooled more evenly.
4.The regulating winding is a separate winding which apart from the high voltage main winding. In this way, total ampere-turn balance between windings ; and the axial electrodynamic force during short circuit can be  reduced, thus upgrading the short circuit withstand capability of the transformer as a whole.
5.The windings of one phase are assembled into an integral phase block before placing into the core.
6.The winding manufacture, winding assembly core and winding assembly work are all proceed in totally closed clean department.
7.Core frames in the form of a flat plate are used for clamping the core, and are joined together by side beams. The core and coil assembly is fixed in the tank, being positioned against the tank at six sides rigidly, so that there can be no displacement of the assembly due to impacts during transport.
8.Transformer tanks are fabricated with steel plates wide enough so that there are no weld joints on each surface. The steel plates for tank walls are pressed into corrugated shape to increase mechanical strength and to reduce noise due to vibration of the tank wall.
9. Diaphragm membrane is provided within the conservator, preventing direct contact of oil with air, protecting the oil from aging, thereby prolonging the service life of oil. Magnetic oil-level gauge reflects correctly the oil level in conservator. Flat plate-type radiator can effectively cool down the transformer.
10.Reliably sealed, and fine machined for sealed surface. Used double gasket grooves in their jointing surface and kept tight with high quality gasket material. If required by the customer, the upper and lower part of the tank can also be welded tight.
11.High quality paint is applied as surface finish of the tank and exposed steel parts, after shot-blasting and pretreatment, thus ensuring a durable life and glossy surface.
12.Quality assurance rules are also observed for all insulating parts, from raw material to final assembly. Strict regulations are observed for drying, wrapping and storage, preventing the absorption of moisture, swelling, and deformation.
13.Main components
Because of good relationship and long-term co-corporation with all well-known sub-suppliers, we can meet the requirements of customers with whatever types of components they wish to have.

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