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Furnace Transformer is a power equipment which is suppo- rting for EAF
It has more stringent requirements in electric, magnetic, thermal, mechanical and other aspects compared with other transformers, and has to comply with the operation process of various furnace transformers and load characteristics, so that it can meet users, and facilitate energy-saving emission reduction and other conditions.
There are many kinds of furnace transformers. The company mainly produce the following products:
High impedance furnace transformer, DC arc furnace transformer, ladle refining furnace transformer, submerged arc furnace transformer (including ferroalloy furnace tran- sformer, calcium carbide furnace transformer, yellow pho- sphorus furnace transformer,single phase titanim slag furnace transformer etc.), electro slag furnace transformer, frequency induction furnace transformer, single-phase graphite furnace transformer, etc.
Take on-load tap furnace transformer with ¡°8¡±-shaped winding which is developed independently for example, the features as fellows:
The transformer is a arc furnace power transformer which is used to make a high-quality steel and alloy smelting arc furnace. It consists of series voltage regulator transformer and main transformer which are mounted on the same tank. The two low-voltage winding are made of the ¡°8¡±, replacing the cumbersome welding process between two low-voltage windings.

1. Wide range of voltage-regulate. Secondary voltage of differential voltage levels meets the arc furnace steel-making process requirements.
2. High-voltage has no restriction of switching insulation level, and it (e.g. 110kV) can be reduced to low-voltage directly, eliminating the intermediate substation and saving more than 30% invested.
3. Easy to choose suitable voltage-level load tap changer, economic and safe.
4. It can be accessed compensation capacitor in order to improve network power factor.
5. The main transformer works in constant flux density. Make full use of materials and have a good conservation.

6. Using the same reverse-phase parallel, electric (or magnetic) shielding, transposed conductors and so on to reduce losses and improve efficiency.
7. A separate voltage coil is used so that ampere-turn balance is good, coupled with cylinder pressure nail structure, its ability to withstand short-circuit is also increased and has high reliability.
8. Using third breaking off instead of primary breaking off so that it can be achieved with low price and high life of low-voltage circuit breakers instead of high price and low life of high-voltage circuit breaks. ¡¡
Take 31500/110 arc furnace transformer for example, the load loss, no-load loss, no-load current is dropped 13%, 17%, 26% compared with the original product respectively. It is a real energy-saving emission reduction innovative product.

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