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Rectifier transformer is a transformer which used as the source of rectifier equipment. And primacy side of rectifier transformer connected with AC power is called line side, and secondary side connected with rectifier is called valve side.
Our company use the advanced techniques andman- ufacturing process, and with domestic colleges and universities to develop a number of research projects. Using procedural design, insulation breakdown mech- anism, the electric field numerical analysis and insulation technology, the impact of characteristics and anti-sudden short-circuit strength of winding, the loss of eddy current filed calculation are analyzed and calculated. With manufacturing experience on rectifier transformer for many years, our company has got major break-though on the basis of the traditional calculation, which will further improve the reliability and advancement of products .

Features about rectifier transformer:
1. The rectifier transformer¡¯s load is non-linear impedance, and valve side windings of rectifier transformer would get the currents which contain fundamental and other high-order harmonic superposition. And line side also gets corresponding non-sinusoidal currents connected by rectifier circuit coupling method.
2 According to different requirements of various customers, the valve side of rectifier transformer has a variety of special coupling method, such as: dual-back-star with inter phase reactor, three-phase bridge, star-delta parallel, six-phase bridge by inter phase reactor.
3. To improve power factor and reduce the line side harmonic currents of high-power rectifier equipments, rectifier transformer is needed to use star-delta winding phase displacement, phase-shift windings by phase displacement, autotransformer phase displacement, to improve the number of pulse of rectifier equipment.
4. According to the user¡¯s process requirements, the rectifier transformer line side voltage is required (such as 220kV) straight down to a very low valve side voltage (such as 1kV). The valve side voltage of rectifier transformer is required within a wide range of on-load tap from 5% - 105%. Auto voltage regulator and main theme of unity, string variable voltage regulator and other ways are used in rectifier transformer to achieve the purposes of a wide range voltage.
5. Self-saturable reactor can be used to change over and stabilize voltage in order to smooth rectify voltage. And some use silicon control to regulate voltage.
6. Valve side current of high-power rectifier equipment is very large, reaching 100kA and even greater. To improve power factor and avoid partial overheating and uneven distribution of current rectification components, it¡¯s required the technology of reverse-phase parallel.
7. With the wide application of AC frequency control technology, newly developed three-crack drive rectifier transformer came into being. And the lower voltage valve side of this transformer cracked into three independent branches, which can be made to supply for three different load power, which achieve ¡° multi functional ¡± effect, reducing loss and saving area.
8. In order to reduce the large current in the fuel tank and other structures caused by loss, the rectifier transformer used magnetic shielding technology and so on.
A number of 220kV and below and different kinds of rectifier transformers have been manufactured for the general industri-al,electrochemical electrolysis, transmission, traction frequency, variable frequency power supply, DC power transmission and other industrial sectors over ten years, and got the user¡¯s high praise. Recently, the 220kV level on-load-tap rectifier transformers supporting the country¡¯s largest 600 thousand project of caustic soda is done, and got the high praise of users.

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